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Explore every nook and cranny with NE Accurate Home Inspection based in Mansfield, Massachusetts and serving all areas in Southern Massachusetts. There are several parts to each home inspection, because the home inspector doesn't want to miss anything. Contact me to learn more about our radon inspection service.

Home Inspection

Typically, a home inspector begins with the exterior of the home, then moves to the basement and to the living areas. I have a detailed checklist with narrative comments to make sure every component of the home is being checked. I will also take pictures to show you areas of concern. My home inspection includes:

I check the framing, foundation, and roof. The seals on the windows are looked over to make sure they are not broken. We also check the decks, porches and entryways.

Fireplaces & Chimneys
I check the mortar for any cracks and if the chimney sits flush against house, also if the fireplace has been maintained.

Roof Surfaces
On top of your home, I determine the age of your roof, check for missing shingles, and see if there is more than one layer of roof. Also, I inspect the flashing around the chimney.

Exterior Water Entry
Water may be slowly coming into the house. Our home inspection will determine the extent of any water supply problems inside the house or basement, due to cracks or leaks.

Electrical Plumbing
The home inspector checks out the main electrical panel, fuses, or breakers. Also, I look over the GFI breakers in the bathroom and kitchen.

Heating/Cooling Systems
To save energy, I check to make sure your heating and cooling systems are running efficiently. It is important to check if the burners have been serviced, about the age of the system and possible life span. Also, the exterior doors should be flush.

Settlement & Wood Rot
Older houses can have insects or wood rot. I inspect your kitchen, where water commonly causes wood rot.

Water Heater
All parts of your heating system will be checked. I make sure the water is at the right temperature in the water heater.

Your driveway is checked for cracks that need to be repaired.

Major Appliances
A home inspection also includes checking all major appliances to ensure they fill with water properly. The gas stove pilot light should light correctly, too.

Pest and Insect Inspection
Carpenter ants, termites, mice, and other pests are investigated as part of our home inspection.